At my core I'm someone with a deep interest in what makes human beings tick. Always have been. When I was two I used to walk up to strangers and earnestly ask, "How are you feeling?"

My passion—my purpose, really—is helping people access their own innate freedom, clarity, creativity, and true intelligence by discovering what alignment means for them. Nothing delights me more than a conversation where something clicks into place and new possibilities open up. That's what this mental chiropractic thing is all about.


In other news, I'm a lyricist, composer, and playwright with an M.F.A. from NYU. I've written a bunch of musicals and tons of songs, won multiple awards for my work, and led songwriting workshops for people of all ages. I'm an award-winning voice actor, too. (You can find out more about all of that here.) I bring my creative orientation and love for wordplay and storytelling to my mental chiropractic work.

I'm also working on two books with my father, the Vancouver-based thinker/author/speaker Dr. Gabor Maté. We sometimes lead workshops together on parent/adult-child relationships.


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