“I’ve never met anyone quite like Daniel. He is an expert in a kind of gentle excavation. A deep and but delightful conversation with him can bring a lightness that comes from thinking with just a little more freedom.” -Jordan, history professor, Victoria BC

“Daniel is one of the most perceptive people I have met. He has a knack for piercing the fog and getting at the heart of an issue.” -Rick, trial attorney, Bremerton WA

"I took a walk with Daniel, extremely fogged and unsure how to articulate my personal brand of 'stuck.' I left with not only newfound clarity and self-awareness, but advice on a clear action I could take to step out of my mental mudslide. A concrete move I could make was immensely helpful in beginning my process out of 'stuck' land." -Kari, actress, NYC

 “Talking to Daniel is like working with a good editor: He reads me close, he thinks about what's being said, and then he helps me to find the extra sentences and the clunky ideas that are slowing down the story of my life. It's a process, but he's careful, and the story really does get a little better every time I let him read it.” -Aaron, musicologist, Vancouver BC

“Daniel has a gift for seeing the big picture, while simultaneously being able to communicate strategies and helpful perspectives with compassion.” -Justin, musician, NYC

“Daniel has an exceptional gift of quickly understanding the root issue in any situation.  His guidance is priceless.” -Lynda, Vancouver BC

“I consulted with Daniel on a creative project I was working on. He helped me clarify and get to what the central heart of the piece was all about.” -Bon, theatre artist, Vancouver BC

“I have never left a conversation with Daniel unaffected.  He is a world class character, with a very quick mind, a strong opinion and an ever more obvious heart. He has helped me. What more can I say?” -Paul, entrepreneur, Vancouver BC

“Daniel has a intuition that goes right to the heart of the matter. It is a skill that I have rarely witnessed, other than his father.” -Tony, photographer, Vancouver BC

“Daniel has a knack for articulating exactly what I’ve been trying to articulate for years without knowing it. He puts words and concepts to difficult and at-times-frustratingly-vague emotions, helping me to find peace with them, transform them, and use them productively.” -Chad, 'Art Farm' director, Sunshine Coast, BC


“Over the course of a very deep walk-and-talk conversation, Daniel helped me identify my goals, my fears, my ambitions and verbally put it on a big invisible spread sheet; to view what might be stumbling blocks in having me attain my goals, alleviate my fears and rev up my ambitions aiming for a happier life. He has a true gift of being insightful, caring and guiding a conversation in a positive direction.” -Pam, retired public servant, Langley BC


“Working with Daniel was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. He was able to point out, in a way that made perfect sense to me, where certain mental ‘knots' were blocking me from being fully present. I came away feeling grounded and connected, emotionally and physically, and with a new ability to deliver my best.” -Dani-Rose, musical theatre actor, North Vancouver, BC

"Daniel is masterful at listening to others, synthesizing information and asking meaningful questions that get to the core of the issue at hand.  He is so excellent at this because he has done so much personal growth himself." -Jane, school counselor, Vancouver BC

"Daniel has a unique gift for getting to the heart of an issue. An emotional arborist, he knows what I can let go of, and where to encourage more growth. He is also funny, courageous, deep, thoughtful, and insightful. I am so grateful for my walks with him." -Stan, writer and mother, Toronto ON

"I felt so much better after a recent walk with Daniel. He doesn’t try to ‘solve’ problems, or offer tired advice or reassurances. But he listens—really listens—and somehow asks just the right questions, leaving me with a clearer perspective that feels like a weight off my shoulders." -Ilana, midwife, Victoria BC